Can I create and manage multiple teams?

Yes, you can create and manage multiple teams.

First, you need to log on to the account portal at

In the upper right corner, click 'New Team'. Then, enter a name for your new team and the email address of the team admin who will receive an invitation to join SIGNL4.

The 'New Team' button is not available in the "Starter" plan, i.e. after your 30 days free trial. If you trial period is over you need to purchase a subscription first.

Once you successfully created a second team, you will be redirected to the new multi-team space where  you can create and manage teams and purchase and assign user licenses to your teams.

Here is a video on how multi-team management works:

Please, note that we currently do not support multi-team membership. So, when you registered in SIGNL4 under one email address, you can only be a member of one single team.



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