How to get a commercial quote?

Online base infos

You can easily get an overview on costs and taxes which resembles all details of a typical commercial quote. Please follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the SIGNL4 management portal at 

  2. Clicks “Upgrade Now” if you are not subscribed to commercial plan yet.

  3. On the next page, pick the desired subscription plan.

  4. Choose the billing frequency (enable ‘Annual’ to switch to annual subscriptions)

  5. Click “Next” and on the next page pick the number of users. Now, it already displays the monthly or annual net costs.

  6. To get a full overview including taxes, click “Next”, enter all required billing information (no purchase will be made yet). Click “Next”.

  7. The following page will show a summary (i.e. the ‘quote’) including taxes. You can print this as a commercial quote.

Full commercial quote

If you wish to pay by wired transfer, we can also provide with a full commercial quote. Please, request a commercial quote via 

To buy a commercial subscription, click the checkbox to confirm the “Terms & Conditions”. Then, click 'Buy' to complete the purchase or click anywhere else to continue later. There will be no purchase until you click 'Buy'. 

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