How to order user licenses in the multi-team portal

The multi-team management portal allows for buying, assigning and managing user licenses for multiple teams.

These are steps to following for buying and assigning licenses:

  1. Check if you have access to the following address with your SIGNL4 account: 
    a. If not and you are sure that multi-team is already enabled for your SIGNL4 instance, have someone who has access invite you as a multi-team manager through here:
  2. On the multi-team management portal, go to “Billing”
  3. Choose the proper plan. If you for instance have a PO for the “Optimize” plan, in the proper row, click on “Buy users”
  4. Follow the purchase process.
    a. Make sure to enable “Annual payment” on the first page if you have PO for an annual subscription
    b. Enter account/billing information including your EU VAT ID if your business resides within the EU
    c. Enter the billing email
    d. Don’t forget to enter the PO number if your purchasing department issued a PO. This PO number will be shown on the invoice
    e. If you have been enabled for invoicing, you don’t need to enter any credit card payment information
    f. Check if everything is OK and accept our T&C before clicking “Buy”
  5. Once you have purchased the number of user licenses, you need to assign them to the proper team.
    a. Go to
    b. Choose the team that is in need of licenses
    c. On the team page you see how many licenses are assigned to this team and how many are available
    d. Click “Modify”, choose the plan for this team and set the number of user licenses, click “Save”
    e. This team is no ready to go

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