Switch from custom logon to Azure Active Directory/Google authentication

SIGNL4 supports multiple authentication providers including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google, Sign in with Apple (2020) and a custom provider.

In case you have signed up to SIGNL4 with one provider, e.g. the built-in (requiring your email address and a password), and you wish to switch your logon to different authentication method, follow these steps for each user you wish to transfer to a new authentication method:

  1. Delete the user from your team
  2. Re-invite the user
  3. Once the user receives the invitation email and confirms, he/she needs to choose the proper logon method on the sign-in webpage. For instance, to switch to Microsoft Azure AD authentication, the user needs to click the Microsoft logo which transfers to a Microsoft Azure AD logon page.

To transfer your own account to a different authentication method, follow these steps:

  1. If you are the only admin, assign admin rights to another user and sign off
  2. Don't delete yourself, have another admin delete your account
  3. Have this admin re-invite you to your team
  4. Follow steps 3 from the first list above


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