User and Admin Rights

SIGNL4 comes with an user/admin role and access model. There are two roles available: 'user' and 'admin'.

The user who subscribes first and thus creates the according SIGNL4 team, is assigned the 'administrator' role by default. Any person who is then invited to the SIGNL4 team, is assigned the 'user' role. This can be changed any time in the account management web app under 'My Team' (

You can have multiple admins within your team and you can pass admin rights to any team member.

Team members with 'user' role have restricted rights on accessing data and configurations in both the web and the mobile phone app.

The 'User' role  is restricted to the following functionalities and features:

  1. Send and receice, acknowledge, close, annotate alert signls
  2. See and edit own duty schedules
  3. Chat within the mobile app
  4. See and add standard apps to connect SIGNL4 with personal accounts like Alexa
  5. Manage personal settings through the mobile app
  6. Manage personal alerting settings like notification chain, push sounds (also category-related)

The 'Scheduler' role on top has access right to following functionalities and data:

  1. See and edit duty schedules of all users
  2. Download duty hours reports

The 'Admin' role on top has access right to following functionalities and data:

  1. Manage team settings
  2. Invite and manage users including assigning of user roles
  3. Manage duty schedule settings
  4. Create and manage alert categories ('Services&Systems') in the mobile phone app
  5. Manage billing and purchase subscriptions incl. download of invoices
  6. Create and manage connector apps to retrieve events from 3rd party tools
  7. Download audit trail reports and alerts
  8. Manage outbound webhooks and API keys
  9. Terminate the subscription


User roles are only available in commercial plans and during the test phase. The free 'Starter' plan does not come with user roles.




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