Which APIs does SIGNL4 provide?

SIGNL4 provides 4 different types of interfaces & APIs :

1. Webhook

Each teams in SIGNL4 gets a dedicated webhook address which can be used from 3rd party applications. Read more here: https://www.signl4.com/developers/webhook/inbound/#!/Events/RaiseEvent

The (inbound) webhook has a counterpart (outbound webhook) which can call external systems upon alerting events in SIGNL4, e.g. the confirmation or resolution of an alert. Pass through of an external ID is possible.

2. SMTP Email

Each teams in SIGNL4 has a dedicated email address you can send events/alerts to (something like abcdef@mail.signl4.com). Each event then triggers an alert notification workflow for your team.

3. Two-way Connector Apps

We are continuously building 2-way connector apps which can link SIGNL4 with a selection of 3rd party tools. Those apps provide for alert status synching. Here is an example for Microsoft Azure Monitor: https://www.signl4.com/blog/azure-monitor-alert-management-mobile-app/


SIGNL4 comes with a comprehensive REST API to manage and control SIGNL4 functionality from 3rd party apps. This can be used to deeply embed it into custom apps. Read more here: https://www.signl4.com/developers/api/


Webhook and SMTP email can be used to connect almost any 3rd party system within 5 minutes. See a list of tested integrations here: https://www.signl4.com/webhook-rest-smtp-api-integration/


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